Saturday, December 7, 2013

day 1 in Guayaquil

Well everybody I can't believe we are here in Guayaquil. And on top of that, we have already made friends! Of course this is Jehovah's organization so that shouldn't really surprise me but ya know:) 

First of all, flying could not have been more of a breeze. And don't even get me started on how easy it was to get our luggage when we got off our flight.  Of course I was convinced that someone would throw our luggage onto a cart and sneakily wheel away with all my neatly packed tropical wear and blow dryer. Nope, all three pieces of luggage were taken off the conveyor already, nicely placed together and in excellent condition, i mean not even a smear of dirt. 

So exiting the airport was interesting. I felt like a Celebrity. There's this long corridor that leads you to the exit doors, and seriously at 1 in the morning there were a couple hundred people leaning over the railing of the corridor watching us "cat walk" out of there. It was nice to see all these families reuniting after who knows how long.  Kinda funny feeling though too, I had done just the opposite a few hours earlier and now I was waiting for a stranger to come pick us up.  

So anyway I was kinda excited to see a big sign with "Matt & Damaris" in bold held up high by the family that the ecuador branch had set us up with. So that didn't happen. We spent the next hour wondering if somehow we miscommunicated and they actually weren't coming.  So I wandered through the crowds as Matt stayed by our luggage, holding a pretty crumpled watchtower magazine, hoping the family would recognize we were their people! So anyway after figuring out how to use a payphone (ya know those thingys with a spiral cord that have buttons and tons of germs?) we finally got in touch with our people.  Turns out the sweet older sister coming to get us had fallen asleep waiting for our plane to arrive. So a few minutes later we were off in her van to her bed and breakfast!

Next day consisted of sleeping and ordering pizza hut, yes I know I know. Well never again I tell you never again! It's just not the same, something about the sauce... so just as i was feeling kinda bored and lonely and a little like "oh gosh what have we gotten ourselves into?..bad pizza has that effect I guess) we hear someone at the door. It's Ivon, a petite beautiful sister who is the daughter of the B&B owners.  She invited us out on the town to explore the city! We stayed out til midnight and had so much fun, and we met with another group that had need greaters with them.  Of course I attacked them with questions.  But more on our night later. I'll leave you with two things I learned: 1) don't leave food on the counter, these teeny bugs come out of no where in seconds..and really like bad pizza and 2) I'm tall! Here, I should add. Most women are around 5 ft. but that just kinda tickled me:)

Our really long plane

Daddy, Cristina and jonathan, Jeff and Kay came to the airport to bid us farewell!

This is me about to board the flight to miami, i highly recommend this airport bar. This vodka cranberry almost knocked my socks off:)

And this is Ivon on the left and shamyra. Our first friends here!


  1. Hi Damaris, I am with uncle Chris.

    Don't eat the pizza!


  2. Hi ethan! You made me lol, yes no more pizza! Nice to hear from you, hope you're loving florida.

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  3. Hey girl i was totally impressed. You are such a awesome writer!! Cant wait to keep reading. May jehovah bless you both:)

  4. Hi Dee and Matt!
    Awesome blog! It's like we can hear u saying all of this out loud! Lol hope ur having a great time! Know Jehovah will bless u for your sacrifice!

  5. Yay!! So glad you made it safe and sound! Love you.