Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Peaks and valleys

The camera will never quite capture it but the mountains here are gorgeous, like nothing I've ever seen in person. They have these incredible green peaks that shoot down creating a steep cliff and finally land in a beautiful valley with orange tile roofed houses collected in the shadows of these mountains.  We drove up to a higher elevation today to check out property that our friend's (Joel and maria) family is building on. The house is being built on the side of a mountain overlooking Cuenca. The picture above is part of the homes view. Amazing!

Here are the guys climbing through part of the property.

So this morning I accompanied Maria on her study before meeting the group for service. I was focusing so hard on trying to understand everything, that I actually got a little dizzy haha. Started seeing spots and everything.  So I was thrown a bit of a curve ball at the end of the study when Maria asked if I wanted to say the closing prayer. A ya yay! But I just took a deep breath and I did it, I did it guys! It was so exhilarating! And I really do appreciate that Maria just threw me in there, I know that's the only way I will gain some confidence.

So taking the bus back to meet the group was interesting.  You board the subway type bus from the front but the rule is you must get off from the back.  So when we got on it was packed alllll the way to the bus driver, and as we made more stops we kept getting more and more squished as people kept boarding. When it came time to move our way to the back, I literally slithered past every bump and curve of ecuadorian body you could imagine...Well maybe don't imagine:) I kept waiting for reactions, i mean I was all UP in everywhere! But no one even flinched or even tried to move over...I guess we were all in this together. You simply check your personal space at the door!

That's it for now. Ciao!


  1. So proud that you said a prayer..in Spanish.!! Soon it will be second nature. Your posts are more encouraging to us than you will ever know.

  2. Ha! You'll be a NYC subway riding expert when you return ;)

  3. Hola Chica, I caught up on your blog today! The background picture is beautiful- it belongs in a frame. Love you guys.