Thursday, December 12, 2013

Shopping in Cuenca

Well this post has nothing to do with need greater work....Well actually give me a moment and I'll find a connection. Lalala..ok got it. Travelling, I find, many times goes hand in hand with shopping and when you're going to be spending lots and lots of time in the ministry, well a girl needs her essentials right? 

So we found ourselves in the perfect place to shop...I mean, to EQUIP ourselves for the ministry;) Cuenca is a mecca for little artisan shops.  They have gorgeous Panama type straw hats and jewelry and leather goods.  Their prices aren't the cheapest you'll find in the country because this city is pretty touristy but it's always fun to try and talk them down on the price. You can always knock off a few bucks doing that. 

Below are some goodies Matt and I found.  The brown bag is for Matt to use in service. You can smell this leather from a mile away. It's a little bit smaller than a large briefcase, cost $50, so take that Wilson's leather.

Oh and the earrings were $3!

So we attended our first Spanish meeting here. And well I must say both Matt and I left overwhelmed and feeling, gringo.  There was really only one brother who's Spanish I could follow pretty well.  But I guess today's meeting made me realize that we will not learn this language by osmosis (sadly I think part of me kinda believed that) We will need to devote time everyday to learning and practicing.

I did give a bible highlight though! The ispeech app helped a lot with that. If you're learning a language check it out. You can either type or speak what you want translated and it will write out the translation AND dictate it to you too!

So tomorrow we're all going for a hike so hopefully if it's a clear day I'll be able to share some nice pictures of the mountains here.

I'll leave you with a selfie I took with my hat.  These hats SAVE you from the sun. It's the strongest sun I've ever felt. You burn it 2 seconds flat.

Oh yeah and and my husband! So handsome drinking his cafe americano con leche. Sorry he's been a little MIA from the posts so far but I'll try and make him more of a presence on the blog for those who miss seeing his face:)

Nos vemos! Ciao:)


  1. This is Damon and Kelley Manzanares (Kelley Ehrman) we have just booked flights and apartment to go to cuenca to check it out. We arrive in march. It is great to see and experience ecuador through your eyes. We also are enjoying getting to know you through your words. Tell Matt hi.

  2. Ooooo I wanna go there when we visit! Love Matt's service bag

  3. it is nice to see the other half!! :)

  4. So glad things are going well...looking adorable in that hat btw ;)

  5. Easy to see Jehovah's blessing your efforts!! Enjoying your posts very much.

  6. You look awesome in that hat! Beautiful as always :) Love reading the blog with the fam, so encouraging and enlightening!