Monday, December 9, 2013

Don't need to be J. Lo to have a glow!

This is me and my glow. I made sure Matt captured it with my iphone. I have been on a high the last couple days because I am just loving this whole letting Jehovah direct us thing haha.  The picture above is from this morning after our amazing breakfast at the bed and breakfast owned by a witness family.  The night before when we had explored the city, the sister we were with had started talking about a town on the coast named Olon. My ears immediately perked up because I had read and seen pictures on it and had already fallen in love with the town. She told us that a new Spanish group is being started and that a couple there own a bed and breakfast too.  They're a young couple from the states and she asked if we would like their yeah! So I put that info in the back pocket of my mind as something to pray about later. So we pray that night specifically about Olon...

Next morning at the b&b! We sit at the dining room table with this couple from Canada.  They just had a house built right on the coast overlooking the sea in a town called Puerto lopez.  Well again my ears flinch because I had read about Puerto lopez and how it was such a quaint cute fishing town (right up my alley).  Well next words out of her mouth are "but I think you would like olon, really nice town nearby, it's clean and easy to get around".  Cue glow! And I pretty much spurted the scrambled eggs i had just eaten from my ears! Who knows what will happen for sure, but at least we have a direction and a connection to the coast. Yay!

So today we boarded a bus to Cuenca, a beautiful colonial looking city in the mountains.  The big picture behind my blog title is of Cuenca.  We are visiting Joel and Maria Hudson, friends from Matts earlier bethel days.  The bus ride was four hours and took us on a winding road literally inches from the edge of the mountain. Kinda scary! The bus was really nice though. Cost us $8 per ticket and this was a nice bus, similar to Peter Pan with a TV and everything.  I'll keep you posted on our stay here.  We'll be here for about a week and then I think we'll head to the coast.  Our plan is to figure out our final destination with in our first month.

I'll leave you with a blog feature that I will call "now get to the point!"


Most dominant feeling at the moment: giddiness and a slight headache probably from The 9000 ft elevation.

Favorite thing so far: how cheap everything is!

Least favorite?: getting noticed everywhere, thanks to my giant of a German husband:) puts me a little on edge, because i know it makes us targets for theft or higher price tags.

What do i see a lot of: tight tight jeans on women and low low shirts and breastfeeding everywhere! They do it while they walk, impressive!

until next time, ciao!


  1. You definitely have a beautiful glow. We've been praying to Jehovah to make it clear to you where he wants you to go. It will happen. I just love reading about your very interesting experiences. Be safe. We love you.

  2. We will pray hard that Jehovah make it perfectly clear to you where he wants you! Thanks for the update! Nice job capturing the glow, Matt! How many takes?! Haha

  3. This blog is hearing your experiences!!!