Sunday, January 19, 2014

a typical day

We're  finally settling into a routine but I must admit, the schedule here took a little getting used to.  It felt very bipolar at first, like bursts of activity in service and then stretches of nothing during the heat of the day and lunch time. Here they meet early for service, walk a ton in the ministry and then after two hours most disperse to either go home to prepare for lunch or to do their studies. So yeah, just as I'm gaining momentum we're giving besitos to our group and "ciaos" and by 10:30 were twirling our thumbs wondering what we're going to do! Well it was frustrating at first because I didn't have calls or studies yet, but man your schedule fills up fast. Now it's hard to find an afternoon where we haven't made appts for rvs or studies. And now we really treasure that mid day break. So I thought you might enjoy a breakdown of our typical day...

6:30 am alarm goes off and then we sleep for another hour haha
7:30 roll out of bed in a panic and throw ourselves together for service (not much has changed since bethel, instead of running to morning worship, I'm running to catch a taxi for service) I know mom, yes the tornado as you call it, has reached south america.
8:00 were hailing a taxi or just jumping on a bus for the 5-8 min bus ride to the kingdom hall.
8:15 the service group meets
8:30 we start walking to the territory with our partners.
10:30 say ciao to the service group and we either do some rvs or studies til noon.
12 siesta! Love this part of the day, we turn on the ac in our room and nap it up. Depending on how hungry we are, we cook something up before or after our siesta. Or we'll stop by one our favorite lunch spots and have lunch for $2.50 a plate!
2 or 3pm were back in service til about 5 or 6 doing studies or rvs. And then we have the night to ourselves. Dinner usually happens around 8 or 9.

We're really enjoying the schedule and now the biggest challenge seems to be staying organized and remembering all the appts we make with the brothers and sisters for service arrangements and the appts for studies and rvs.

On our days off we really enjoy getting to know the city, walking around and trying different restaurants or discovering "tiendas" (stores).

Here's some pics from the last few weeks. Also, I'm planning on taking some pics or video of our new  apt! Yes that's right we have an apt and we love it!  Coming soon!

The above pics are from our day preaching in the country side

 I snuck this picture of Matt practicing get his spanish on our terrace.
Hippies of ecuador, singing on the bus for spare change. They were really good!


  1. Awesome! Jehovah is taking good care of you guys. Can't wait to see pictures of the apt. Hope Matt can watch the Super Bowl.

  2. Thanks damaris for the update....I've been wondering what your days are like! Love the pics....what a wonderful experience. Xoxo

  3. The hippy picture is def my fave! I wanna be an Ecuadorian hippy!

  4. Thanks again for the update. Looking forward to the pictures. Has it been raining a lot? Just wondering what to pack.

  5. Damaris!!! How wonderful to get tuned into your blog...missing you both here in Wallkill cong but incredibly proud of your enthusiasm and spirit...what a great example to us all...let us know if you go up to the mountains towards vilcabomba...we have friends there...will continue to check in on you guys...our best love and thoughts to you both and Rob...!!!!